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Free online Kung Fu classes! Really? Call us crazy. Many people have and we're pretty used to it by now. So really, it's OK. And really We just might be.

So what's the catch?

There isn't one. This is totally free. We've put up this online martial arts training for a couple of reasons and we'll tell you why:

1. It's Really hard to find a good school.

In most areas of the world it's really difficult to find a quality martial arts school. Most schools out there are focused on tournaments or some sort of competition. Martial arts were never about that. As a matter of fact in some ways martial arts are about the opposite.

A true martial art is a discipline not a sport. Yes there's a difference.

2. We want to bring back the fighting arts.

A lot has happened in the martial arts world over the last 30 years. Back in the 60's and early 70's the way martial arts were taught was very different than most schools teach it today. Martial arts schools back then were back alley holes in the wall, or somebodies garage, or back yard. Much like the boxing gyms of the era, martial arts schools did not have a commercial emphasis but more an emphasis on teaching the art in it's pure form. Everything else was secondary.

Martial arts were a male dominated world. Most of the students were men in their mid 20's to mid 30's. Tough guys who were already street fighters. They just wanted their street fighting skills to be better and faster. To take fewer punches and get the job done quicker.

The martial arts that were taught were practical. If they weren't these guys had no use for them. Throughout history, up until now, martial arts were practical. Self defense is a life and death situation. There's no room for anything that doesn't work. I mean really, can you imagine the no nonsense martial artists of the past dancing around in a flowery silk gi with a tin foil sword doing katas to music. Probably not

It's not about giving the parents bragging rights

After the Karate Kid movie came out the martial arts schools were flooded with kids. Never before had they taught kids. Many saw a big opportunity. The problem was they adjusted their curriculum to please the parents. Hollywood was the catalyst for change. With kids come moms. This was to change the industry forever. All of a sudden teaching martial arts was a lucrative industry and anyone who could throw a kick wanted in.

Every parent wants to believe their kid is the next six year old black belt. The reality is there are no six year old black belts. At least not by the old standards. It's just not possible.

The problem was that the new schools conformed to the new customers. Schools had to make changes in their curriculum. Belts and trophies became more important. Commercialism set in.

But a few schools held back. Throughout all of this there were a few schools that refused to change. The art was more important than the money. These schools were few and far between and some were lost altogether. These few instructors realized that they had to keep the fighting ways alive. To succumb to the newest thing would mean a loss of their many thousand year old art.

They realized that the only way to keep a fighting art alive was to keep the emphasis on teaching fighting. Not belts and not competitions.

These days it's really hard to find a school that teaches a pure fighting art

There are schools teaching various forms of competition arts all over. they are easy to find. But finding a school that teaches only the pure fighting art is nearly impossible in most cities. Competition arts are fine. If that's what you want. But if you want an art that is taught the way fighting arts were taught originally, your going to have a really hard time. Until Now!

Providing online classes to the masses will help us find the students we really want

The true fighting arts are difficult. They take time and discipline. did you know that the term Kung Fu actually means "Hard work over time". It doesn't mean "black belt guaranteed in two years if you pay up".

Finding students who really want to learn is a task. So many people want a quick fix these days. Finding those who are willing to do the work is not easy. They are out there. We have some fantastic students. The web allows us to find them.

Without a doubt it's going to take some discipline to follow along with an online class. No instructor is going to be breathing down your neck. Your going to have to have the discipline to listen intently to the instruction and try as hard as you can at all times. If your not capable of that then your not going to make it. Less than 1 in 100 people have the self discipline to make it to Shifu (black belt) in Shou' Shu'. So if we provide these lessons online for free we're going to find those rare individuals who can develop the skills to learn the art. The ones that can take instruction and have the discipline to carry that instruction out.

The rest? Well they'll just kind of disappear. It's a website. The inactive accounts just get deleted. No big deal. We won't even have to listen to the excuses. What a relief.

We only want the students who have the desire to really learn. This will help us avoid wasting our time on those students who are not truly interested in learning. That's just better for everyone. Right?

We want to make our art known

In today's world, the martial arts that are popular are the ones that are easy. If you can get a black belt in it quickly people stick around. If the belts come quickly everyone is happy.

But learning martial arts is not always feel good.

In business there's a saying "The customer is always right".

In martial arts that idea ruins everything. The customer is not always right and most of the time the customer is wrong. Our job as martial arts instructors is to make you a proficient fighter and doing so is not always comfortable. Tip toeing around on eggshells so as not to lose a "customer" isn't good for anybody.

So with us, you are a student first. But if you think about it isn't that really giving you what you wantr? It just might not feel good at the time. Get through it and we guarantee it will feel good later.

So the only way to make our art known is to really get it out there and find the students who have the wherewithal to get it.

This art is not for everybody. We're not going to treat it like it is. We don't pass out belts to make our customers happy. We're not going to make everything comfortable.

But if your looking for a true fighting art that has been true to its roots. We've got that.

So How about it? You interested in giving it a shot?

Are you someone that can listen and learn? Someone who has the desire to learn? Someone who can get over themselves?
If so, give it a shot.

See you inside!

Shun Shifu Weaver

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