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Bear Hug from Behind - Two

Tonights class will be on bear hug from behind.

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Jeremiah made a video response to this class. Here it is.

And my pointers.

Again. Great job for doing this. Helps me and helps everyone here. Gives me an opportunity to add some detail.

The groin slaps are always a little hard for guys to get. Girls get them easy. This is why. (Forgive me for the following statements)
The motion is a lot like a when a girl has a whole lot of sway in their walk. Think of a woman walking in a very seductive manner. The hips "bump" from side to side. Or think dancing. Easy for the girls but the guys just don't get it (or don't want to get it). I have a hard time teaching this one. It just looks weird for a guy to do. But it works

Jeremiah does a good job keeping his balance. The adjustment steps to correct balance are always fine if needed. To make it easier to balance and also easier to take opponents balance if you drop to a lower stance when coming in behind your opponent it will help a lot.

Also what happens is you can drive your knee into the back of the opponents knee harder and deeper if you are lower in the stance. Think about trying to drive your own hips underneath you (like returning a rear kick) and driving your foot back to it's original starting point. So you drive your opponents knee out of the way.

When doing the takedown think about driving the elbow downwards. Try to point your elbow in a downward direction and this will drive the opponent straight down rather than back. Makes for a harder throw. Your opponent will go where you point the elbow.

And as always try to maintain a straight back with the shoulders back and head up.

Great job Jeremiah. Fun to watch your improvement