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Karate Moves

Learn Karate Moves at Home

Finding an effective self defense school has always been difficult. Nowadays most martial arts schools focus on things other than self defense. Most are focused on teaching children or training for competition. There are really only a handful of schools that teach martial arts in their original form. It's sad but true that it's hard to find a martial arts school that's all about martial arts.

Most Cities Don't Have a Martial Arts School Which Concentrates on Self Defense

That's why we created this site. We've been teaching a pure fighting kung fu for over twenty years. It's a phenomenal art with principles of body motion just not found elsewhere. It's called Shou' Shu'. Over the years we've taught hundreds of people this incredible fighting art. Many have come from extensive martial arts backgrounds. They have all been amazed by it's principles and all will agree. It's the most effective fighting art they've ever seen. However, there are only a few Shou' Shu' schools. Finding a qualified teacher in any fighting style of martial art is difficult. It's especially difficult with Shou' Shu'. The art, like many other great arts, was nearly lost. It was preserved by only a handful of practitioners. An ancient art nearly lost forever.

So We're Releasing it to the Public

Yes we know not everyone has the discipline to study a real martial art. People today want quick and easy. But when it comes to martial arts quick and easy just won't work. If you are put into a life threatening situation do you want your defenses something you learned from a "Quick and Easy" system. I mean really. When you think about it, isn't that just a little ridiculous. Learning a martial art takes practice and discipline. This may not be right for you. It's not right for a lot of people. But if you can give it some effort and take some time to learn it right. There's nothing better. If you do decide to do it your going to be amazed. The principles of Shou' Shu' run deep. You've heard of very small but highly trained martial artists being able to easily overpower much larger attackers. This is the art that teaches you how to do that.

Anyone Really Can Learn This

Body shape or size really doesn't matter. The art is based upon principles of body mechanics that allow anyone to create immense power. Size and strength is not what makes this happen. It's dynamics. So, while it's true that not everyone has the mental discipline to learn a sophisticated art like Shou' Shu'. It's also true that if you have the desire to learn, you can learn and apply Shou' Shu'. That's all it really takes. A strong desire to learn. If you have that you'll be successful. Have you always wanted to study martial arts but didn't have the opportunity?
  • Don't want to go to a school full of mostly kids?
  • Want to learn at your own pace?
  • Think you are too old?
  • Don't have a quality school in your area?
  • Want to study an ancient system that has been preserved?
  • Not interested in the fad or chop suey systems?
  • Not interested in tournaments or getting in the cage
Then this is for you!

Try out our starter package

We've put together a starter package just for the beginner. This course series takes you from knowing nothing to understanding the basic foundation of the art. You'll be learning basic but effective self defense techniques that with a little practice will be effective for you. However your not only learning self defense techniques, your also learning the proper mechanics of the art. Should you decide to go further these mechanics will have you ready to proceed to the next level. And it's FREE We want our art to thrive once again. It's too valuable to be lost. Too valuable not to spread it out to as many people as possible. So we're doing just that. Learn the Ancient Art of Shou' Shu'- The Art Taught to the Ancient Mandarin Warriors Because we want our art to flourish we're giving it away. We don't hide the secrets. Most of the great arts have disappeared. Lost forever. Shou' Shu' is one of the last. But to be able to make sure it lasts forever we need to make sure we get qualified students to pass it on. Maybe that's you? Enter your name and email in the form to the right and we'll see you in the virtual quan.